non slip champagne flute clear


1730.00 LE


Unbreakable wine glass set 

ø5cm / ø7,5cm - H. 25cm | Tritan™ BPA Free | 236ml

The CLEAR champagne flute is highly stable thanks to its non-slip base. It is made of TRITAN™. This material is practically unbreakable and with its shine and transparency it will bring elegance to your table as well as remaining secure during meals.

The collection of non-slip glasses includes the Wine Glass, Champagne Flute and Water and Beverage glasses Can be matched up with any of the sailing tableware by Marine Business

Tritan™ BPA Free. Sustainability: BPA free Temperature-resistant. Can contain hot liquids at temperatures up to the boiling point. Can be used in cold temperatures and are freezer-safe Diswasher and microwave safe. Chemical resistant and withstands harsh cleaners Sparkling clarity and gloss. Impact-resistant and shatter-resistant. Stain and odor resistant.

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