thermoelectric cooler tc14


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The Dometic TropiCool TCX 14 is a highly efficient, energy-saving thermoelectric cooler in a fresh new design. Boasts numerous benefits of the popular Dometic TropiCool series such as mobility, performance and convenience. A small, lightweight cooler to take wherever you go. Fresh design with soft-touch controls and a digital display – these are the hallmarks of the Dometic TropiCool series. What’s more, the popular high-tech coolers feature a lot of inner values: intelligent power save circuit, individually adjustable temperature, cooling performance up to 30 °C below the ambient temperature. If desired, the convenient units can also take care of keeping food warm: activating the heating function supplies temperatures of up to +65 °C.

  • Convenient 12 or 24 V DC and 230 V AC cooler
  • Refrigerates down to 27 °C below ambient temperature, heats up to +65 °C
  • Very efficient with intelligent power-save circuit
  • TC special electronics
  • Priority circuit for mains operation
  • Dynamic interior ventilation
  • Wear-resistant fan
  • Storage volume (approx.) 14 l
    Energy supply 12/24 V DC
    230 V AC
    Energy consumption (12 V) 46 W
    Energy consumption (24 V) 50 W
    Energy consumption (230 V) 64 W
    Temperature range Cooling: max. 30 °C below ambient temperature; Heating: +50 up to +65 °C
    Insulation Polyurethane (PU) foam all around
    System Thermoelectric (Peltier system)  TC special electronics: 7-stage temperature regulation for cooling and heating – LED temperature readout – Memory function saves the most recent settings – Membra
    Material Injection moulded parts
    Colour Dark grey / Pale grey
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 450 x 328 x 303 mm
    Weight (approx.) 5.0 kg

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