rosette water glass ice 6un

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1270.00 LE


Unbreakable glass set for garden or home

    8,9cm. - H 11,3cm. | MS BPA Free | 414m

The ICE water glass is made of Methylstyrene, a high quality material that is impact resistant, unbreakable and also prevents scratches.

This product is perfect for everyday use, wherever you are. You also have glasses for water and can choose your favourite colour: purple, lagoon, smoke or transparent. 

See the tableware set in melamine for outdoor use in our collections HARMONY and ROSETTE.

This product has been designed for use in normal, not extreme, conditions. Not suitable for drinks with a high alcoholic content or very hot drinks. Not suitable for microwaves. Suitable for dishwashers, but in the upper tray only. To extend the life of the product, avoid using abrasive cleaners.

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